General English

General English

General English morning classes

From 9am to 12.15pm Monday to Friday. For all students.

From 9am to 12.15pm Monday to Friday

Students can start on any Monday for General English and IELTS classes. We usually offer 7 General English levels: Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, Advanced and Proficiency. Students are tested and placed carefully into their correct level on their first day at school. Students move up when they have passed the required skills tests. These tests are given on the first and third Wednesday of each month in two of the four skills: reading/speaking and writing/listening. In addition, teachers give regular grammar and vocabulary assessments. At each level we teach essential grammar, vocabulary, functions and we improve students' writing and reading skills. Students also receive a lot of listening and speaking practice and teachers encourage students to practise their speaking, give opinions and ask questions. 1 week is our minimum course length.

General English afternoon classes

From 1.30 to 3.30pm Monday to Thursday with Friday options. For full-time Intensive students

From 1.30 to 3.30pm Monday to Thursday with Friday options.

General English afternoon classes have even more speaking and listening. There is a lot of pair and group work, discussions on varied and interesting topics, fluency activities, songs, videos/dvds, vocabulary and exercises to improve speaking and listening skills used in everyday English.
(Afternoon ONLY classes are not possible)

Full-time General English 20 hour a week course FAQ

•    Can I get a student visa with this course?

Yes. Both our Intensive 25 hour and General 20 hour a week courses you can. 20 hours a week is the minimum so you can’t get a student visa with our Morning only 15 hour a week course.

•    When can I study?

Currently you must study in the morning classes 9-12.15 Monday to Friday. Your 5 hours of Library study can be at anytime of the day that the library is open to individual students.

•    What are the Library hours for this study?

8am-9am, and 1.30-5pm Monday to Friday. Your Library session must start before 4pm.

Your library session must start before 4.00pm.

•    How long must my session in the library be?

Attendance is logged for each complete hour. The minimum time for library study is one full hour.

•    Must I complete five hours of library study every week?

If you do not join a Friday afternoon Special Class option then yes.

You cannot miss a week in the library and then complete 10 hours the next week.

•    Are there other class options?

Yes – you can also choose to study the Friday afternoon special class option. This is 2 hours.

•    Can I join other Friday afternoon options.

Yes – but only the special class will give you attendance.

•    Will there always be a teacher during my Library classes?

The library is always staffed. There will be a dedicated teacher during the 1.30-3.30 session. This is also when you must do your 1-1 check up sessions.

•    How often must I meet the teacher for 1-1?

You will meet your