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Work and study options

Work and study in New Zealand

There are several options and possibilities for students to work while they are studying English in New Zealand.


Since 2015 New Zealand has allowed any student on a student visa (studying 14 weeks or more, 20 hours a week minimum course and at an NZQA Category 1 School) the right to work 20 hours part time per week.

Please read our FAQ’s.

1. If a language student is enrolled in a course for exactly 14 weeks can they work? Or this is valid just for courses over 6 months?

They can work if they hold a student visa for any length (14 weeks or more).

2. Can they be enrolled in a part time course or any language school?

An English language student must be enrolled in a full time course (20 hours or more per week) of study at an NZQA category 1 school (Worldwide School of English is a Category 1 school). For a list of NZQA schools to find if a school is a Category 1 please go here:

3. Can they have any type of work?

Most students will get jobs in the hospitality area. Hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes etc or in the tourism area. Other work will depend on student’s skills and qualifications. There is currently a lot of work available in the Auckland region. They can work 20 hours per week. A one year student (48 week course) can work full time during summer holidays. Depending on student visa expiry date that is at least 4 weeks. (Note we have a FREE work placement "Job Club" service)

4. Do they need to take an IELTS test ?


5. What will Worldwide provide for student visa students?

Any student on a course of 14 weeks or more (our Full-time 20 or our Full-time 25) we will help them to find a job (work placement assistance) for FREE. 

This is run in our Job Club programme .

We also work with other partners providing job placement services. 

One of these is called Function Staff. They provide FREE training and jobs for our students. 


Many countries have a Working Holiday visa agreement with New Zealand.

The list of countries is here:

At Worldwide School we also offer Working Holiday Visa Support through our Job Club programme. 


You need a variation of conditions to study while on a work visa.