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Combo Programme

You can study at a combination of New Zealand's top English Schools.

2 great schools in 2 great locations.

NOTE* ALL 2 Combo Schools are NZQA Category  1 schools. This means you can also work part time while on a student visa at any of the Combo Schools. GREAT NEWS!

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The Combo Schools are 2 of New Zealand’s longest running and highest quality language schools. We are partner schools, owned by friends, who live in different parts of New Zealand. We started Combo in 1997 and since then have had 100’s of happy students choose this great way to study and travel around New Zealand.

The 2 cities: With Combo you can choose to study English in New Zealand in 2 great locations.

Queenstown is the adventure capital of the world. Famous for all year activities, sight-seeing, skiing/snowboarding, radical sports and awesome scenery.!combo-course/c1t9y

Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand and is a cosmopolitan, international, harbour city.

We have 2 kinds of Combo: Combo (4 - 11 weeks) and SUPER Combo (12 weeks or more full time study).

Combo School Terms and Conditions.


For any Super Combo student up to 2 transfers are FREE between all the schools that are studied at. This does not include the transfer if the first school is different to the arrival point in New Zealand. Airport pick up is also not FREE at any of the Combo School cities.

The free transfer will be by air or surface and will be decided by the Combo Schools. If you prefer a more expensive transfer or the cheapest option is not available you will need to pay the difference.

Depending on your visa and/or length of stay in NZ you are welcome to spend time between schools for sightseeing.

Apart from Worldwide School in Auckland, the other Combo School is:

Language Schools New Zealand – Queenstown

PO Box 911 Queenstown, New Zealand

Phone: (64-3) 442 6625 Fax: (64-3) 442 6676

All schools are registered and accredited by NZQA to teach English and are all Category ONE schools, are signatories to the MoE Code of Practice and all schools are ENGLISH NEW ZEALAND members.


•    Conditions of enrolment for Combo and SUPER Combo Students



•     Combo is for any booking from 4 to 11 weeks full time (visitor or Working Holiday Visa) or morning only study of any length.

•    You must study at both  Combo schools for a minimum of 2 weeks at each.

•    You must decide which Combo school you will start to study at and for how long when enrolling.

•     The costs of inter-school transfers for a Combo booking of less than 12 weeks or for part time study are not included. (However, the schools may help you arrange transfers). Please contact any of the schools for further information on fares and timetables.

•    You are welcome to extend your studies at any of the Combo schools, however you cannot transfer payments already paid from one school to another.



•    SUPER Combo is for any FULL TIME booking of 12 weeks or more.

•    If applying for a student visa you will apply for the FIRST SCHOOL ONLY and for the entire length of course.

•    You do not need to decide what other schools you will go to and when you will go there.

•    After arrival in New Zealand you can then decide which school you want to go next. You need to give AT LEAST 2 weeks notice of this change (ie 2 weeks or more before you want to move).

•    SUPER Combo students will receive up to 2 FREE transfers between schools studied at.

Due to differences in accommodation rates at the different Combo Schools it is better to just book and pay for the first 4 weeks accommodation in New Zealand. You can then pay the remainder in New Zealand.


You also MUST say that you are a Combo student at the time of enrolment to receive all Combo benefits.

Send your enrolment form for Combo to the first school. That school will then contact the other school(s) you wish to study at and all other details will be arranged for you.

Terms and conditions for individual schools are on their websites and apply to Combo and SUPER Combo students while studying at the individual schools.

If you have any questions about any issue related to Combo please do not hesitate to contact any of the schools. All Combo Schools reserve the right to make changes to prices or conditions without notice.

Combo Course – 2018 fees

Worldwide School of English - Auckland; Language Schools New Zealand - Queenstown and The Campbell Institute -Wellington

COMBO Course

  • Enrolment: NZ$350 (paid once and includes all schools)

  • Accommodation placement fee: NZ$300 (paid once and includes all schools)

  • Fulltime: NZ$360 per week

  • Morning class: NZ$300 per week

    Combo Accommodation – 2018 Fees

    Worldwide School of English Auckland

    Homestay Fees:

    NZ$ 290 per week/ $50 per day – an Adult student

    NZ$ 280 each per week/ $50 each per day – a Couple in HS

    NZ$ 350 per week/$55 per day (PLUS – free internet and private bathroom option)

    City Apartments:

    •    Share up to $230 per week

    •    Single up to $350 per week

    •    Double w/ ensuite up to $450 per week

    *Apartment bond fee up to $500

    *Airport Transfers $95 (Each Way)

    Language Schools New Zealand Queenstown

    Homestay Fees:

    Peak Season (Jan – Feb, Jun - Sep, Dec)

    NZ$ 320 per week/ $55 per day – an Adult student

    NZ$ 310 each per week/ $55 each per day – a Couple in HS

    NZ$ 340 per week/ $55 per day (for 16-17 years old)

    Off Season (Mar - May, Oct - Nov)

    NZ$ 300 per week/ $55 per day – an Adult student

    NZ$ 290 each per week/ $55 each per day – a Couple in HS

    NZ$ 320 per week/ $55 per day (for 16-17 years old)

    *Part weeks are up to 4 days. After that the full week rate applies.

    Student Accommodation:

    •    Share $180 per week

    •    Share (en-suite) $185 per week

    •    Share (studio) $195 per week

    •    Single $255 per week

    •    Share Extra Nights $35 per night

    •    Single Extra Nights $40 per night

    *Apartment bond fee $300 ($265 refundable)

    *Student Accommodation power is extra and calculated weekly depending on usage.

    *Airport Transfers $95 (Each Way)