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Enrol now

To enrol is easy. You can use our online enrolment form. We also have our  fees here.

If you require more information about insurance (it is compulsory in New Zealand) please check the Unicare Insurance website.

If you are not ready to enrol yet but want to ask more questions please go here.

Fill in the enrolment form and send. We will then get back to you as soon as we can.

If you have any further questions please email them to

After you pay the full invoice and send your arrival details, we will send receipt, acceptance letter, accommodation details and arrange your airport pick up.

Upon sending an enrolment form to Worldwide School you have authorised a school Director of Worldwide School (a Member of English New Zealand) to discuss your student visa application with Immigration New Zealand; to obtain information regarding the processing of the visa application and the decision on the application if it is required. 

PDF of  enrolment form here:

PDF of 2019 Course & Fees Form here:

PDF of 2020 Course & Fees Form here:

Conditions of Enrolment 


1.1 Enrolment is subject to the following conditions and becomes a legal contract on

acceptance of a student by Worldwide School of English.

1.2 Worldwide School of English reserves the right to modify its course arrangements and to

alter its specifications without prior notice.


2.1 Fees must be paid in advance, and in full.

2.2 All tuition fees are calculated in complete weeks and any part of a week is counted as a full

week. No compensation can be given for any days when school is closed due to public


2.3 In the event of late arrival, absence or early departure from a course, no refund of fees or

free extension of the course can be granted.


3.1 The full policy on refunds is here

Refunds are calculated in NZ$.

3.2 Refunds, if approved, are returned to the account/person that made the original payment.


4.1 After arrival in NZ students cannot shorten courses or transfer afternoon classes to extra

morning classes and are not able to transfer their tuition fees to another student.

4.2 Students can extend their studies without paying another enrolment fee.

4.3 Changes may not be possible at times because of visa regulations.

4.4 The change of course fee is NZ$300.


5.1 Changes of accommodation can be made only after 14 days notice.

5.2 If suitable notice is not given, the remaining accommodation fees must be paid in lieu.

5.3 Accommodation pre-paid for the first four weeks cannot be refunded.


6.1 A full list of school rules is in the student handbook.

6.2 Should a student not comply with the School Rules and/or the laws of New Zealand, or fail

to attend the course in which he/she is enrolled, the school reserves the right to expel the

student, without refund and is legally bound to advise the NZ Immigration Service.

6.3 Students are required at all times to inform the school of their current contact details

in Auckland.


7.1 Worldwide School of English shall not be liable if the services contracted for cannot be

provided for reasons beyond its control.


8.1 Worldwide School of English has agreed to observe and be bound by the Code of Practice

for the Pastoral Care of International Students published by the Minister of Education.

Copies of the Code are available on request from this institution or from the New Zealand

Ministry of Education website at


Most international students are not entitled to publicly funded health services while in

New Zealand. If you receive medical treatment during your visit, you may be liable for the

full costs of that treatment. Full details on entitlements to publicly-funded health services

are available through the Ministry of Health, and can be viewed on their website at


The Accident Compensation Corporation provides accident insurance for all New Zealand

citizens, residents and temporary visitors to New Zealand, but you may still be liable for all

other medical and related costs. Further information can be viewed on the ACC website at


International students must have appropriate and current medical and travel insurance

while studying in New Zealand.


Full details of visa and permit requirements, advice on rights to employment in New

Zealand while studying, and reporting requirements are available through the New Zealand

Immigration Service, and can be viewed on their website at


9.1 All supplied data is held securely by Worldwide School Ltd. Data will be treated

confidentially and will not be disclosed to external organisations except for legitimate

reasons. The data will be used, unless you tell us otherwise, for a full range of school

activities. The data may be made available to the NZ Ministry of Education or the NZ Immigration Department.