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Holidays at Worldwide School

Holidays at Worldwide School

Please note the new students holiday policy due to Covid -19 Shutdown.

Until further notice:

RE: Worldwide School Holiday Policy during the shutdown


NZQA has approved Worldwide School of English's Online Class delivery. It means this is now a legal alternative to onsite classroom delivery.

Students cannot request a holiday or a cancellation because they think the online class is not a valid class.


Immigration NZ has said about all students on student visas

Students must attend for 20 hours per week as per INZ requirements for programmes under level 7 at PTEs (so English language courses). As there is a lockdown, students are unable to attend the campus. Where the delivery has moved online or moved to remote delivery, students are expected to attend at all times as required by the provider and we would expect attendance to be monitored by the provider. If the students do not attend, then they will be in breach of their visa conditions. If students do not attend and are refusing to follow the direction of the provider, then we can arrange for compliance follow-up as they are breaching visa conditions. This may include a deportation liability process which would effectively render the students unlawful after a short period.


Other reasons for the new holiday policy are:

Mental health concerns. During the shutdown you need to have things to do. Online classes keep you busy and engaged. It is also very possible the shutdown will be more than 4 weeks. It could be 6 or 8 or even longer.

Pastoral care concerns - we are more able to help with any problems if we see you regularly.

Social distancing concerns. If you are not participating in online classes you are more likely to leave the house and do non-essential travel/exercise and increase risk spreading Covid-19.



We will still consider requests with special valid reasons


together with family members in shutdown and need to look after each other

have been offered a job in an essential service during the shutdown

have a flight back to home country and plan to return to study after shutdown period 

Holidays 2020

First day 2020: Monday 6th January

Auckland Anniversary Holiday: Monday 27th January

Waitangi Day: Thursday 6 February.

Good Friday: Friday 10 April.

Easter Monday: Monday 13 April.

ANZAC Day: Monday 27 April.

Queen's Birthday: Monday 1 June.

Labour Day: Monday 26 October.

Last day 2020: Friday 18th December

First day 2021: Monday 4th January