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2017 season info

Preseason training - starts from January 31st

Trials for 2017 teams will be from 25th January – April 8th

Season should start around 15th April.

We are taking bookings for 2017 now.


Worldwide School together with a top rugby club in Auckland co-operates on a programme for rugby players wanting to come to New Zealand to study English and play rugby.

The programme will require a minimum 4 weeks English study. Minimum English level of Intermediate is required. The Arrangement Fee will be NZ$300 PLUS $200 for club fees and playing clothes (does not include boots, mouthguard and head gear).

Full or part season options are possible.

For students wanting to play a full season applications must be sent by January at the latest. 

For premier level players there are 2 extra documents that must be signed. According to IRB rules; Registration Form and an IRB clearance form. (Casual or part season players aren't required to do these forms. If you require them please ask and we can send).

The rugby club has 4 top level teams plus some weight grade (under 85kg) and age grade (under 20 and under 21) teams. One team is a social level team for players who enjoy rugby but are not at such high level.

Option for students/players to join a team during the season. eg come in April and play for 2 months.

Women also. The club has 2 adult women's teams

IRB (International Rugby Board) clearance will be necessary for students/players who are playing for a season in one of the premier teams.

The club will require minimum a month before registration. 

Earlier is better of course - especially for those wanting to play a season.

Rugby 7's start in September. Until late (December)