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World Wide School Of English Since 1989

Teachers at Worldwide School of English

Mikayla Schroeder

Originally from the USA, Mikayla has a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Latin American Studies as well as the TEFL certificate. Mikayla is also a qualified Yoga instructor and is the teacher who takes our FREE after school Yoga activity every Thursday afternoon.

Simon Butcher

Simon is a New Zealander who has taught off and on for Worldwide School for many years. He has the Cambridge CELTA and a B.A. in English Literature. Simon loves; open water swimming, tennis, skiing, trail running, cooking and art. He has two amazing daughters who teach him about being a Dad.

Sara Butcher-Bode

Sara is a New Zealander and has been an English teacher for many years. She loves sport, yoga and watching her children do things.

Alexandra Chavez

Alex is an American with a Bachelor’s in Communications (Public Relations emphasis) Cambridge TKT Modules I-III, CELTA (March 2019). She is a mother of a crazy fun 3-year-old boy and married to a crazy fun Spaniard. Alex loves yoga, salsa dancing, and dancing in general of any kind. She also enjoys hiking especially here in New Zealand.

Brian Coughlan

Brian has been an English teacher since 1999 and comes from Australia. He’s the senior teacher in charge of course develpment and has the CELTA and DELTA certificate and a university degree.

Matt Hunt

Originally from the UK, Matt has the Celta and the Delta. Matt is crazy about football and as well as being one of our most senior and well experienced teachers also takes the Monday after school football activity.

Irena Tovic

Irena is a New Zealander with Croatian heritage. She has a BA  in English Lit and German, Honors in Comparative Lit, Masters in Creative Writing as well as the CELTA. She has 2 children and loves sailing and skiing as well as eating anything when she is hungry.

Vishal Koshy

Vishal is a highly experienced and qualified English teacher and is one of our senior academic teachers. She has the CELTA and the DELTA and a degree in Education. In her spare time Vishal likes to cook, paint, read and play badminton.

Sam Matthews

Sam is a New Zealander with a CELTA and a Bachelor of Tourism. Sam is a sportsman and a fan of hip hop music in addition to being a popular teacher here at Worldwide School. He also organises our social and activities programme.

Ella Mrost

Ella is the senior teacher in charge of the Cambridge Programme and our school Librarian. She has taught English since 1991. She has lived in many countries and has many nationalities. Ella has the CELTA certificate and a BA in English as well as a diploma in librarianship and information systems.

Jeannine Potter

Jeannine is an American born New Zealander. She is highly qualified with a CELTA, a Diploma in Education and a B.A. Jeannine is a junk food and 80's music fan.

Fernanda Prandi

Fernanda has the Trinity Certificate, a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and a Diploma in TESOL. Fernanda loves to dance, go to the beach, travel and do Muay Thai.

Michael Anthony Putt

Michael is a New Zealander and has lived in many countries. He has a BA (Commerce) degree in Management and has been an English teacher since 2006. Michael is one of our lively and popular teachers.

Telli Shouri

Telli has a Masters Degree in English Language Literature, a Postgraduate Diploma in English and the CELTA. Telli loves reading literature, watching movies and eating pizza.

Jenny Wagstaff

Jenny is a New Zealander with a Bachelor of Arts, a CELTA and a Graduate Diploma in Teaching. Jenny likes to garden, paint and read in her spare time. She is also a big 1970's pop music fan.

Hannah Warburton

Hannah is a Canadian Kiwi. She is an experienced and qualified teacher. She has a Bachelor of Education, CERT, TESOL. Hannah likes art, travel and dance and eating Italian food.

Mervyn Whitley

Mervyn is a New Zealander from the Bay of Plenty. He has a Diploma in Film, Diploma in Business Management, a CELTA and the Trinity Certificate. He loves cats and is a huge fan of Royce chocolates.

Jeremy Woodfield

Jeremy is a New Zealander and has taught English since 2002. He is one of our senior academic staff and has the DELTA, the TESOL Certificate and an Education diploma. Jeremy is one of our most senior teachers and often runs professional development workshops for other teachers