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Application Form

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Farm Experience Application



Age_______________________ Nationality____________________
I am interested in living and helping on a _____________________ farm (tick as many as interest you)

� Sheep � Pig � Horse � Cows/Milk � Goat
� Forestry � Vineyard � Deer � Flower � Cows/Beef
� Organic � Orchard � Market Garden

I would like to visit area (choose 3)
1. _______________ 2. ________________ 3.________________

(Look at the map on the back and choose an area from 1 to 18)

Date of Planned Visit ____________________________________

Length of Planned Visit (2 weeks maximum) _________________

Do you have any farm experience or skills? (for example as a labourer, cook, cleaner, painter, handyman, with plants, with animals, with heavy machinery or equipment)________________________________


I understand that I must help on the farm for 4-6 hours every day in exchange for room and board. I may be required to help outdoors in any weather or perform challenging physical tasks. I may also be asked to do household chores. I realise that accommodation is often in farm outbuildings such as caravans, barns or sheds. I understand that the farmer reserves the right to ask me to leave the farm if I cannot perform as required. I must show my membership book when I arrive at the farm and if I book another farm. I must follow the rules of the farm when I am there. I should use English.

Signed _____________________________