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Business English (BEC Exam preparation)

English for the business world.

Business English is a General English AFTERNOON OPTION (10 hours per week) for higher level students who usually take it as part of a full-time intensive class. The fees are the same as full-time Intensive English. If students wish to take the BEC exam, they must sign up for the entire 10 weeks as well as be prepared to do extra self-study and exam practice in the library.

Our Business English course follows the BEC Vantage curriculum. However, BEC exam preparation takes place outside of classroom hours.

Subjects that the class covers include writing memos, emails, letters and faxes; business vocabulary, using the telephone and internet for business, and using business documents and forms. Speaking is an important part of the class. Students will learn how to introduce themselves, how to speak in front of a group, how to discuss a product or a business topic and how to write and deliver a business presentation.

Students will also learn how different kinds of businesses are organised and run. This class is highly recommended for anyone who wants to use English for their job or study for a business diploma/degree in the future.

Offshore pretests are available. The exam fee in 2020 is NZ$350.

Business English classes are run at a maximum of 18 students per class.  

Dates for 2020

4 courses per year

13 January - 20 March (10 weeks)

6 April - 12 June (10 weeks)

6 July - 11 September (10 weeks)

21 September - 27 November (10 weeks)

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