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The Worldwide School of English Internship Programme is divided into two parts:

At least 2 weeks of Intensive English language study followed by an internship of 6-24 weeks in the area of the studies and/or previous work experience.

Our Internship programme is operated by a professional placement company and on a case by case basis. An applicant must first send the completed Internship Programme Application Form to Worldwide School along with some documents. This should include:

1 / Business Industry they wish to do an Internship. They should include at least 3 areas of interest.

2 / CV of applicant in Word format - including previous work experience and study. Ensure has name, phone, skype and email details.

3 / Cover Letter in Word format. Ensure has name, phone, skype and email details.

4 / Time of year they would like to come and length of English study and Internship.

5 / We also need to know their level of English, which must be at least Upper-Intermediate (Level 5 / B2) before a placement is possible.

We can send a Pretest for the student to do, please ask us.

Once we have accepted the applicant for the Programme, there will be more documents to provide (ie. Signed Programme Agreements, Passport, Visa Insurance, Pictures, References, University requirements etc.)

We will send you a checklist to make sure that you submit them all prior to the student’s interview with our partner.

It is necessary for the placement company to interview the student before a placement is confirmed. The interview will usually take place before arrival, over the phone/skype.

This is as much for the student as for the placement company. This will give the students the chance to express their interests and goals for the internship. The placement company will then tailor made a placement aligned to the candidate’s capabilities and objectives.

It is very important that our internship applicants understand that the Host Company will ask them to complete tasks not directly related to their degree. For example: a marketing graduate with typing skills may do some data entry for their company as well as assisting and observing an advertising campaign.

It is quite a large commitment for companies to accept a student because they take up time of at least one staff member and if the Intern is taking some of the workload, the programme benefits the company as well as the Intern.

As each student’s application is individually assessed, an area not included with the placement possibilities list may still be possible.

The exception is Medicine. Under New Zealand law Internships in medicine are not allowed. 

Download Internship application process

Download Internship application form