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Before you leave home to study abroad you may worry about where you will live and your new country.

At Worldwide School we provide kind and helpful New Zealand families to live with. Your homestay family will welcome you after your arrival, show you how you can get to school on your first day and help you discover Auckland.

All of our homestays are inspected by our Accommodation Manager. She  also interviews each family.

Most of our homestay families have been with us for many years and have successfully hosted many students from many countries.

Your homestay will include a private room with desk, 16 meals per week and your laundry. From 2020 your homestay will also include free Wifi.

All of our families live close to a bus stop and other conveniences. No student is ever placed in a homestay where another student speaks your language as a native speaker.

After you are comfortable in Auckland, you can choose to stay with your family, move to an apartment or move to a flat with your new friends.


Our students can start and leave their accommodation on any day as long as it is less than 1 week before their course start or 3 days after their course finish. Extra days can be invoiced either before you arrive, or after you have arrived in New Zealand.

Any student arriving on a Monday will be expected to start their course on the next day Tuesday.

Any students arriving on a Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday will have to pay a daily surcharge of NZ$25 for each extra mid-week day. This is to cover food and power that the student may use while in the house during the day and in cases where a homestay family member has to take a day off work. In addition all mid week arrival student MUST book and pay for Airport pick up unless a local based partner is arranging pick up. Early arrival students are encouraged to leave the house during the day to do some sightseeing and also visit the school to take their pre test.

Mid-week arrival students will also not be able to start classes until the following week.

Please also note that there will be limited homestay availability for mid-week arrivals as many host families are not willing to take a student not arriving at the weekend.

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