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About New Zealand & Auckland


New Zealand is similar in size to Japan or Great Britain, but there are only about 5 million people. This means that New Zealand has a lot of unspoiled nature. There are also many outdoor activities near the main centres. We are famous for bungy jumping, rafting, surfing, sailing, and all other "radical sports".

We are also famous for our spectacular scenery, easy to get to but definitely uncrowded. New Zealand's cities have modern, thriving commercial and entertainment centres, interesting and reasonably priced shopping and wonderful restaurants and nightlife.

All New Zealanders speak English, we are native speakers but New Zealand is also officially a bilingual country as Maori, the language of our first inhabitants, is also recognised. New Zealand also has a wide variety of ethnic groups, mostly of European, Pacific Island and Asian origin. There is a great variety of cultural experience for the visitor to enjoy.

The climate is temperate, never too hot and never too cold.