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Online hybrid classes

Study English Online with other students from all over the world

If you are unable to travel to New Zealand, but still want to study English in one of our LIVE ongoing classes - you can!

You can join online, an existing ongoing morning class at Worldwide School.

Once your enrolment is confirmed you will be given the Zoom ID number to log in and join the class.
Most of your classmates will be in New Zealand and in the class, but there may also be 1 or 2 other students who are also studying online from their country.

Options are: General English, IELTS, Cambridge and Business English classes.

All online only students also get access to our LMS
so you are also able to self study as many extra hours as you want using that.

Please note that you must study NZ time 9am - 12.15pm.

Class availability for online off shore students (week of 28th September - 2nd October):

Intermediate General English = 4 spaces available

Upper Intermediate General English = 3 spaces available

Advanced General English = 2 spaces available

IELTS = 1 space available

Cambridge = 0 spaces available

Business English  = 4 spaces available

For more details please email