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Student Handbook

Worldwide School Student Handbook

PDF of Handbook can be downloaded here:


Dear Student,
Welcome to Worldwide School! We hope that you will enjoy your experiences here and improve your English and your understanding of the world. We hope you will also learn about some of the other cultures in our world, make friends with people from different countries, and learn a lot about New Zealand. We will make your stay in New Zealand an enjoyable and valuable experience.
This Student Handbook gives you important information about our school, accommodation, Auckland and New Zealand.
It is divided into four main sections:
Section 1 School Services and Facilities Section 2 School Policies and Procedures Section 3 Homestay and Accommodation Section 4 General Information
Please read each section carefully and if you have any questions, ask your Counsellor or any other member of staff.
Thank you for choosing to study at Worldwide School.
Yours sincerely,

Dr. Josephine Do
Owner and Managing Director