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The issue of sustainability and being a sustainable person on the planet is becoming a bigger and bigger issue in the world.

For students thinking about coming to New Zealand,  they may worry that coming to New Zealand is not a  sustainable action.

We think it is and below we can explain why.

Picture1 Bike_stand

in new zealand

•    Single Use plastic bags are banned and more plastic will be banned soon

•    Ban on any further oil and gas exploration

•    Wanganui river has person status - Te Urewera also has personhood

•    Most sustainable beef and dairy industry in the world

•    The electricity sector in New Zealand uses 82% of energy for electricity generation from renewable sources.

•    Nuclear free – both power and weapons -

•    Government commitment to plant 1 billion trees by 2030

•    National cycleway being developed from one end of the country to the other

•    Auckland cycleways – more coming all the time cycling - website for cycling and walking around Auckland with maps you can download and print.

at worldwide school

•    All low emission LED lights throughout the school

•    New (2016) state of the art heating and aircon system

•    Bike parking outside the school

•    Dual flush toilets and low flow water

•    Filtered drinking water provided FOC to all - bring your own bottle

•    Recycling bins

•    Recycled toilet paper

•    30% reduction in paper used since 2017

•    All students and 95% of staff (including the 2 owners) use sustainable transport to WWSE (public transport, bicycle, scooter, walk)

for our students 

•    pay your IVL

•    Fly AirNZ and offset your carbon credits

•    Use the recycling bins at WWSE

•    Use the escooters and the electric trains when you come to Auckland

•    Use the many cycling paths

•    Join a tree planting day or a beach cleanup

•    Sign up for the Tiaki promise