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At Worldwide School we have an online student Learning Management System. Worldwide Online LMS. Worldwide Online LMS is a communications portal between the student and the school. The student can use the system to access messages from teachers, counsellors and Worldwide staff. They can also get recent Worldwide School news as well as read monthly reports and check test scores. More importantly, Worldwide Online LMS will help students with their learning. They can do homework through the system, access recommended webpages and do exercises to help you with reading, writing, grammar, listening and vocabulary. They can choose to practice whatever they need and accelerate their learning. Teachers will be able to see results and give feedback on progress. 

Helping our Students Become Better Learners: The Learning Centre and library at Worldwide School is a resource especially developed for our students to address their individual study goals and to work on their specific needs. Each student receives a Student Learning Passport on their first day at school and they work together with their teacher to develop an individualised study plan. The passport is used to record a student’s study goals and the work they do in the library. All morning classes have a scheduled one-hour session each week in the Learning Centre. During this time teachers monitor, offer help, recommend study materials and discuss study plans with their students. The Learning Centre has an excellent range of resources including EFL readers, DVDs, workbooks, listening practice, worksheets for grammar and vocabulary, exam practice materials and EFL magazines. The weekly library session is also a time for students to meet with their teachers and discuss any learning difficulties they are experiencing, their progress and tests results, or any other matters relating to their lessons. Teachers can use the passport to record what is discussed during these student/teacher conference sessions. In addition to the scheduled library session, students are encouraged to use the library after class to work on their study plan. Worldwide Online is the school’s LMS (Learner Management System) and this has been especially designed for WWSE. Teachers and students have their own login and can access exercises, web links, an index of library readers and magazines, as well as information about school activities and messages from the office. The LMS can be accessed outside of school. All new students receive a welcome message explaining the LMS on their first day and an induction during their first library session. At WWSE students have different needs and learning styles. We believe strongly in helping all of our students become more autonomous in their learning and better learners. The Learning Centre, Student Learning Passport and Worldwide Online have been developed with this objective in mind. The Learning Centre, Student Learning Passport and Worldwide Online have been developed with this objective in mind.

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